Daily Deal Management

One of the newer ways that businesses are getting mass loads of traffic is via the daily deal sites. This new online phenomena has proved to be a very lucrative way to advertise.  With no upfront costs to businesses owners they can run a deal and land hundreds, sometimes even thousands of customers. It’s quiet easy to contact a daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Bloomspot and many more. It’s even quiet easy to set up a deal and get yourself in the queue to be featured on their daily deal site. What’s not easy is making sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Daily deal sites are like any other business, they want to run a deal that will ultimately make them money. But sometimes the deals they want you to run can be extremely damaging to your business or maybe just not as beneficial as it could be. Also it can be very time consuming for a business owner to have to constantly be in contact with all these daily deal sites to make sure they are being featured.

What we do at SEO Company LA is manage everything that has to do with running on a daily deal site, for instance.

1. Contacting daily deal sites that best fit your niche (We have a long list of daily deal sites we work with daily)

2. Handle setting up the deal. (Making sure you get the best bang from your deal)

3. Signing the contracts.

4. Checking the deal for errors.

5. Monitoring the deals. (Answering potential customer questions, refunds, etc)

SEO Company LA has long standing tides with a lot of the big player daily deal sites. We will contact the ones that best suit your niche and we will make sure you have a positive experience.