SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Many companies in this modern age are putting a new twist on the marketing distribution channels they use. In addition to the traditional methods of television, radio and newspaper, many companies are now also using what is known as social media marketing. This is, simply put, using social media websites such as FaceBook, FourSquare, LinkedIn and many others to advertise their business.

Social media marketing reaches people via “word of mouth”. When someone “likes” a business web page on one of these sites, his or her friends will also see this site. Also, many of these sites offer business ads to the side of the pages that correlate to the user’s tastes and preferences. This helps a company use social media marketing to correctly reach a specified target audience.

 Social media marketing can also include using search engine optimization terms. This means if a user is looking for a specific product or service, when they do a web search of this term, pages that have the highest number of occurrences of that word per page is listed first. So making sure that the topic word is used often, but correctly, can also ensure a correct target audience for social media marketing.

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