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“Before you couldn’t find our site on Google search results, not even in the first 10 pages, even though we were paying some other SEO company over $1,000 a month to do our SEO. After about 6 months of excuses from our old SEO company I was FINISHED. Websites that had nothing to do with St Louis web design were out-ranking us! We are now ranking in the top 5 for several of our keywords and rank 1-2 for a few of our main keywords. It can be attributed 100% to the work SEO Company LA did, without them we would more than likely be wasting our money with some other so called SEO company.” – Thomas S.


“I have had SEO Company LA monitoring and enhancing my online web presence / search engine optimization for about 3 months now. Every month, they send me a report, showing in which keywords that I’m ranking higher for, which means more potential phone calls. They also have this custom built SEO tracking system that I can log into 24/7 and check my rankings in a matter of minutes. Every month, I see my keyword rankings increase and my traffic! We’ve also been experiencing more phone calls daily, which means more business. I truly couldn’t be happier!” – Luke P.


“My last internet marketing solution was not producing the results that they promised me. Overtime my sales actually started decreasing to the point were I had no sales at all.  When I called and spoke to Aaron with SEO Company LA, I was so relieved to hear what SEO Company LA had to offer. He was straight-forward and very honest with me, the most honest SEO consultant I’ve ever spoken to. When I started using the services that SEO Company LA provides, I immediately saw results. Just in the first month, I had 3 sales. They were also willing to work with me on price and made it affordable just like the homepage says “affordable SEO”, even for a small company like mine. Thank you SEO Company LA!” -Susan P.


“Before finding SEO Company LA I was lucky if I was getting 5 hits a day from organic traffic on 1-2 keywords. I read online about SEO and how having someone that was knowledgeable handle my site could make a huge difference. So I started looking for an SEO company and spoke to prolly all of them. Finally I stumbled upon SEO Company LA and after speaking to them I knew they were genuine. SEO Company LA searched about 10 different high quality keywords for my site. All of the keywords they were trying to optimize I had no rankings in Google at first! Now all of my keywords are ranked in the top of the search engines. I’m getting 200-500 hits a day on the keywords that they researched for me! They provided plenty of detailed reports letting you know exactly how your keywords have changed since the last update. I’m really happy with their results and communication.” -Thahn M.